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Ir a Training plans store

Training plans store

We offer customized training plans for triathlon, athletics, swimming, cycling. We use the online trainingpeaks platform where you can create a free account.

Ir a Swimming training programs

Swimming training programs

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We help amateur athletes to exceed their goals, while ensuring that they have quality time available for their family, friends and career. The training plans are intelligently designed around a typical work week. Efficient and proven training sessions have been established midweek, with longer aerobic workouts on weekends.

  • Start by adding the objectives of your event to guide your training strategy.

  • Plan your volume and intensity of training to create the right workouts at the right time.

  • Exports the planned workouts and automatically synchronize the results to your calendar.

  • Watch how your fitness improves and get rewards for maximum performance on the road.


"Our team"

MD. Bolivar Gonzalez

triathlon Coach
Physician, with experience in sports medicine, and athlete with experience in athletics, swimming, and triathlon.

MD. Cristian Guarderas

Triathlon Coach
Cardiologist, coach and founder of Team IronNavy



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